I have been sitting here for ten minutes…

… trying to decide what to put for the title of this post. This is because I am terrified of starting a[nother] blog.
The blog I faithfully updated every couple of days for nine weeks last summer was one of the best and most fun projects I’ve ever worked on, but that was when I was in Thailand and when I was in Thailand I was interesting.
So here are some reasons I am afraid of writing about my normal life:
1. I am not a mom.
I am always looking for new blogs to read and I have determined that the only well-written ones are by people with tiny adorable children.
2. I am in college.
I’m going to get too busy to update, and disappoint my mom faithful readers, and be mad that I stopped doing something I liked.
3. Blogging is like asking people to judge you. Hard.
All bloggers know that assuming people want to read the crap you write about your freaking self is super narcissistic. And what if I write something horrible, or I write about the time I bleached a grasshopper [this morning] and suddenly all the people I love know that I am a horrible cruel monster?
4. I don’t have a twitter account.
Actually, I think I do, but… I just don’t like twitter. There I said it.
5. No one will read it.
What if I start out with 4 readers, and then the number goes down? What if people read my blog and make a new bookmarks folder called web pages to never ever visit again?
6. I don’t have a cool banner.
Or a sweet hipster color scheme.
Or any polka dots anywhere on this whole layout.
7. A couple days ago my good friend called me desperate… What does that mean? In general? I am not desperate for anything in particular.
… OK, this doesn’t have anything to do with blogging, it just seemed appropriate as long as I was listing my insecurities.
But I like to write.
Maybe you like to read the ramblings of an overly self-conscious twenty-year-old.
[was that desperate?]
Maybe you could leave me some blogging advice.
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  1. My best piece of blogging advice (and this applies to any particular moment in your blogging career): Write another blog post.


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