CORRECT RESPONSE, BATMAN. And yet, I’m about to write a whole post to complain about the heat because it’s not just hot outside, it’s hot inside. The air conditioner is broken.

And guys, whoever you are reading this, Internet – it’s hot. You might not completely understand, because there is a 50% likelihood that you are from the UK (every time I notice this is the case, I am flummoxed by the internet – anyway welcome British people) and I’m sure you’ve experienced 95-100 degree days, but probably not all. summer. long. And when there’s no air conditioning, you want to run back in time to your hoop-skirt-wearing ancestors and award them some kind of superhuman heat endurance medal.

Cause, really. It sucks the energy out of you. Every time I did something today, it felt like a major achievement. Emptied dishwasher? I deserve the rest of the day off. A lesser woman could not have endured. I like to think that I did a lot of things anyway, but I’m pretty sure that’s not true; if it can be done tomorrow, I’m doing it tomorrow.

Including focus on one thing long enough to write a post. All the thoughts – they keep melting and leaking away somewhere, probably the Freon in the A/C ran off to have a party and that’s where they went too. [You see what I mean? The only stuff left in my head is nearly incoherent.]

Back tomorrow with the high-quality material you’ve come to expect from this establishment.

[…I know, right?]

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  1. Haha–Lyndsey, I think Team GB is me… So either I am not the only one making up this British contingent (hey, Neighbours!)… or there are only two people reading the blog, which I highly doubt.

    Brits (or other foreign nationals living in this great United Kingdom), reveal yourselves!


  2. Jacqueline in Atlanta

     /  July 24, 2012

    Actually, Anna, there are lots of Brits reading the blog and probably, criticising the spelling. I, myself, now read it in my best British accent inside my own head.


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