Silver and Gold — Guest Post by Ben Bishop

This has broken me a little bit and healed me a little bit more. We nonprofit people seem to feel we have to be cheerful all the time – maybe we’re afraid because we can feel bitterness chasing us some days, or we don’t want your pity over others’ suffering, or it’s all just too complicated and we’re just too tired to explain.
Sometimes people hear what I do and say, “Oh, that’s nice,” like I have been playing a game for a year. It’s not nice. And only now that I’m taking a break am I starting to feel I have permission to say it’s not nice, and it’s rarely fulfilling, and so many days it’s like saving drowning people, so panicked they’re taking you down with them. But there is hope. You’ve seen it.
And that’s why I’m thankful for Ben’s words.

D.L. Mayfield

Ben is a cool guy. He’s a good friend of my good friends, and when I met him I was struck by our mutual affinity for both literature and Jesus (it ain’t as easy to come by IRL, people). A few months ago, Ben wrote a stunning and honest portrayal of what it meant to write his book, and then to fail (as of yet) to publish it. Go read it–plus all the other great stuff–at his website Ragged Band. I always leave enlightened  amused, and spurred on to create.

This post is something special. It’s long, which I like–since life is just so lamentably messy and can’t be addressed in a neat little blog. For me, it struck a nerve of honesty that perhaps is missing from even my own discussions of the subject. I cried my guts out when I read it. 

So take some time, sit down, and read this…

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