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little note: the blog URL is changing soon after this post goes up. Goodbye, internet alter ego. Hello, real name. lyndseygraves.wordpress.com

Y’all. This was the view from the top floor of the dorm I lived in this summer as an RA for MIT housing. I’d guess there were about 300 people living there.

The 8th floors of the building’s two towers are penthouses and common spaces. Floor-to-ceiling windows if you’re inside, some sturdy outdoor furniture if you want to enjoy the breeze. Or the sunset.


I spent most of my evenings here, and 80% of the time I was the only person in either penthouse.


My staff had a meeting up here a few weeks before we left. We all had access to each other’s buildings, and they were bowled over: “I wish I’d known this was here before! I’m going to come up here all the time! I’m going to study up here!”

no you won’t. no one does, I tried not to think.

As far as I know, none of them ever came back.

How often do we think that if we just had that next better thing, we’d finally be grateful and enjoy it and never wish for anything else again? How many of us have stared at some crummy view of a gutter or parking lot or other building out the window of our apartment in whatever crappy places twentysomethings live, and thought we’d be happy if we could just find some open space? We wish and wish and envy those successful people in movies with views like this – but then when we have them, we can’t be bothered to slouch to the elevator or put on a bra or whatever is keeping all these people from enjoying the space they have.

I don’t mean to be judgmental about it; that would be silly. I’m just saying I don’t want to be like that. I don’t want to miss all the beauty I can possibly take in in this life. Sometimes that’s the spectacular view from a borrowed penthouse; sometimes it’s just a whiff of honeysuckle from a tangled curbside lot, or the fire in the eyes of someone who’s dared to fall in love with a lost cause.

But you do have to be paying attention.

I’ve cobbled together a new blog (sort of – all the old posts are still here), and if it has any unifying theme I hope it will be paying attention to whatever is lovely. Not to escape from those things that are ugly, but to remember at the end of the day that what is truest about this world is that He saw that it was good. 

You can find out where the name comes from here.

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Thoughts on the design? Bugs to report? Something that makes your day worth a million dollars?


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