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I majored in theology at Lee University, which is like majoring in eating cake or listening to thunderstorms – too enjoyable to be called work. Also no one will pay you to do it.

I spent last year living in Syracuse, New York, in a fledgling intentional Christian community, and earning my keep at University United Methodist Church – sometimes in the food pantry, and sometimes pretending I knew what a “young adult ministry” was or how to start one.

This year I’m starting a Master’s of Theological Studies at Boston University.

For some reason I keep writing about God and the church, but this is mostly coincidental. I’m just writing what I think. The blog is an experiment in honesty, an exercise in discipline, and a desperate attempt to recover my real voice after burying it in academic-speak for most of the past four years. If it is a little strained or a little off or very horrible, just indulge me like how I tried to smile about the 7th-grade saxophonist across the hall from my apartment last year. If you happen to like it, maybe add in your piece. And if you find the Creator’s reflection in the people and things around you, maybe get in touch with him too.

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  1. I think Ravi Zacharias said it best: “The longest journey is between the mind and the heart”. It’s so important for us Christians to know what we believe and believe what we know. And it takes an honest and brave surrender to the truth in us when God show it to us.I’d like to encourage you to continue to work out your faith with fear and trembling (Phil 2:12). I believe your next is coming (Romans 1:17) because you saught the lover of our souls with your whole heart (Jer 29:11-13).


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